torsdag den 13. oktober 2011

Assignment extravaganza!

Here are some pictures I have made over the last couple of months.

This picture I made during a drawing course. The theme was "robot graveyard" and we had to use values to make it look interesting.

The next picture was also made in drawing class. We were given several photos of different buildings in different architectural styles and we were to make a unique piece where all the styles would combine. Behold the Chimaera castle!

Here are some abstract pieces from the design class. The idea was to play with lines and shapes to make an interesting picture describing a concept or feeling. The upper one is supposed to describe romance and the lower one represents jazz music.

This is a clay maquette made in the "introduction to design" class. The background was later added in photoshop. The character is a wolf from Nei Gaiman's story The Wolves in the Walls.

This is a matte-painting made in Photoshop class. The building is the treasury in the ancient city of Petra situated in modern day Jordan.

Another picture made in photoshop class. It was supposed to be the prelude to a fight between the McDonalds mascot Happy and a character of our own choice.

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