søndag den 18. marts 2012

Biped Project results!

I thought it was about time to post some fresh stuff. For the last 5 weeks I and my fellow classmates have been working on the "Biped Project", which is all about creating a realistic or semi-realistic bipedal humanoid (two arms, legs and one head).

Before any drawings can be made one has to come up with a backstory.

My character's name is Echo and she is a former factory worker from the human colony of Cassander VI on the fringes of human space. Her planet was attacked by an alien race known as the Dromidians when hostilities broke out between them and humanity. the Dromidians overran Cassander in a matter of hours and killed or enslaved most of the inhabitants. Echo is one of those that survived the attack and must now use any means neccessary to stay alive.

And now for some concept art:

The character is mostly inspired by Ellen Ripley from Alien, Lara Croft form Tomb Raider and Isabelle from Predators. I was striving for a look that suggested toughness and self-sufficiency without making her look mannish.

This was my final concept for Echo.

Next I had to do some color concepts.

This was the final image I chose for the next phase which was the clay maquette.

Turnaroun image for reference.

The lighting wasn't particularly good when I took these pictures :( but they convey the general idea.

And now for the 3D part!

The whole thing...

And a closeup of the head. We managed to get a little sculpting done in Autodesk Mudbox, in my case on the hair and face.

That's all folks! Overall I've learned a lot from these past weeks and its been a wonderful experience.

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